Consider the moment that you have just completed a facial: do your clients know proper protocol for how to care for their skin? If not, they could damage their skin or reverse any progress you just made. Keep reading because here are four things your clients should never do after getting a facial treatment.

Wash or touch your face
We’ll start with something simple: clients should never wash or touch their face afterwards. If you think about it, you just cleansed their skin with the highest quality cleanser available. Plus, skin can be a bit more sensitive afterwards, and and they may be tempted to touch and pick at their skin. Before they leave, just remind them that you didn’t extract every blemish for a reason.

You’ve likely performed some sort of exfoliation or peel, so soaking up some sunshine could be your client’s worst nightmare. Skin is super sensitive, so it can burn easily thanks to that new layer of healthy skin. You should always apply SPF before you leave too; if they usually don’t, then make sure to bring it up in your next appointment.

To put it simply, recommend that clients workout before you hit the spa, not afterwards. Increased body temperature and sweat can irritate freshly exfoliated skin. Plus, you don’t want them to be sweating out the top-of-the-line products that were just applied.

Apply heavy makeup
Maybe one of the most important things not to do after a facial is to apply heavy makeup. The skin can be a bit more red, so it’s easy to lunge for concealer to cover up any discoloration. However, facials cleanse the pores deeply, so they’re more open and at risk for bacteria… the best bet is to wait at least 24 hours before applying makeup. And while you’re at it, remind clients to cleanse their makeup brushes before the next application.