Dermascope Magazine argues that every salon and spa should offer at least one form of hair removal in their menu. Writer, Amanda Strunk Miller, argues that hair removal brings in revenue, attracts a wide variety of clientele, and provides immediate satisfaction to clients… who can’t agree with that? The real question is, which is the best form of hair removal to offer? Take a look below for why we side with waxing in the waxing vs. threading debate.

Threading requires no professional certifications
One of the primary reasons to offer waxing in your spa is because there can be a health risk and potential side effects of threading. Unlike the waxing industry, threading doesn’t require any professional certifications. So, there are a couple of drawbacks here. But most importantly, threading technicians don’t have the same certification in crucial areas like hygiene and sanitation. And second, you want your spa to be known for its advanced training.

Eyebrow waxing is better suited for clients with a low pain tolerance
It’s easy to assume that clients want the least painful hair removal option, so does threading hurt more than waxing? Well, we all know that waxing is a very quick process especially on smaller areas of the body like the eyebrows. On the other hand, threading is a much slower process… rather than a quick jolt of pain, entire rows of hairs are pulled out at a time. Plus, the stretching and pulling of the eyelids during threading leaves your eyes just as red as your brows!

You can’t thread large areas of the body
Something to think about when considering waxing vs. threading is the limitations… threading limits your services to the face, upper lip and eyebrows. But in reality, clients want to visit a spa that offers everything. With this setup, clients can wax eyebrows, armpits and other areas of the body all in one place.

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