Whether you are just out of school and looking to improve your skill as well as the wax you use or a seasoned professional trying to wax more efficiently, we have some advice that will help.

Find 2 or 3 brands you are interested in trying and buy enough wax to fill at least a tin. You need more than a small sample to truly try out a wax. You should wax as many body parts as you can with each wax until you really feel that you know how the wax works.

Try out the wax.

How does the wax set-up?

  • Is it too sticky?
  • Is it too brittle?
  • Does it pick up the fine hair?
  • Do you have to go over areas more than once?
  • Is it too hot for clients?
  • Is it easy to work with?
  • Do you see quality and value for the price?

The actual wax is important but so is the company you purchase from. There is nothing less gratifying than giving money to a company that doesn't care about you, or your desire to succeed in business. A client with one room should be as important as a huge salon. The tech support you get should be solid. The company website should be on point. The company you purchase from should be well known and highly regarded within the industry.

Call the company and ask questions.

  • Is it easy to speak to a live person?
  • Can you order directly over the phone?
  • Are the minimums reasonable?
  • Can your order ship out the same or following day?
  • Is customer service familiar with the products or are they just reading off a script?
  • Do they have solutions and suggestions for making the wax service better?
  • Do they have educational options to choose from?
  • Do they follow up with you to see how you are doing?

Visit the company website.

  • Is it a professional site?
  • Do you find the waxing accessories you need to go with the wax?
  • Is there education online ie: Videos, step by step instruction?
  • Are there positive reviews of the products from verified customers?
  • Can you link to a forum, Facebook or other community page where you can ask questions?
  • Are there options to buy in bulk or professional kits with wholesale pricing and quantity discounts?

Ask other Estheticians.

  • Is the company reputable?
  • Have they been in business over 10 years?
  • Are they cutting edge and innovative?
  • Are they well respected and known in the esthetic world?
  • Do they offer mentoring and guidance with businesses?
  • Does the company respect and value your profession, your license, your entrepreneurial spirit?
  • Are they advocates for professionals in the salon and spa industry?

As you can see, selecting your wax is a big decision. Keep in mind that you will not only be working with a new product, but also a new company. You need a high quality wax that allows you to work efficiently while maintaining comfort for your client, as well as a manufacturer known for their superior customer service and education. You should be working together as a team to improve and expand your business.