Regardless of whether you’re giving a bikini or eyebrow wax, what goes on afterwards is just as important as the preparation. And let’s be honest, waxing isn’t the most pleasant of experiences! It can be painful, but proper after wax care can reduce pain and discomfort and increase the chance of a returning customer! Here are three pointers on after wax care for even the most sensitive skin.

Educate your client on what to do after the wax
The first step to providing the best after wax care possible is always educating the client. You can apply the appropriate after wax care products, but if your clients are applying fragranced lotions and exercising afterwards, there’s not much you can do. Here’s what your clients should know to do and not do after a wax:

  • Do use a cold compress
  • Do wear loose clothing -- no skinny jeans after a leg wax and avoid tight underwear after a bikini wax
  • Do use gentle moisturizers without harsh chemicals or fragrances
  • Do NOT take a hot bath or sit in a spa
  • Do NOT touch the area for 24 hours
  • Do NOT apply fragranced lotions or dyes
  • Do NOT exercise for 24 hours if waxed in large areas or the bikini area
  • Appropriate post wax care
    One of the most important things to remind your clients after a wax is to moisturize and soothe the skin. After wax products such as essential oils calm and soothe irritated skin while a waxing lotion like Post Wax Soothing Cream can reduce redness and inflammation… any way to make the waxing experience less painful, right!? Look for products with botanical and natural ingredients to make it safe for those with sensitive skin.

    Waxing recommendations always include exfoliation, there’s no question about it! In fact, we tell our clients to begin exfoliating daily starting the day after waxing. Products, such as Berodin Body Polish Exfoliation Kit, remove any dead skin cells to avoid the possibility of ingrown hairs. Always avoid using bar soap too, which can leave a film over the skin trapping hair that leads to ingrowns.

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