We’re getting down to the end of January, and the commitment to our New Year’s fitness resolutions get more difficult as time goes on. Now that the holidays are over, daily hassles and the numbers of clients make it difficult to get to the gym or go on a run. But it’s only been one month, and there’s 11 more to go! Keep reading, because these tips will help you stick to your 2017 fitness resolutions.

Find a Workout you Genuinely Love
Here’s the easiest tip to stick to your fitness resolutions: find a workout you genuinely love. It takes much less of an effort to go to a workout that you enjoy than to force yourself to go to one you hate. If you’re only doing one type of workout, consider researching Pilates, SoulCycle, strength training, yoga, etc. and something new to the mix to see what you like best. Plus, you have the pleasure of being a skin care professional… you basically have your own focus group! Ask your clients if they have a go-to class at the gym, and get some ideas on different workouts you can try.

Set Goals, Track your Progress
It’s essential that you set goals and track your progress. Start by setting a goal, such as going to the gym a specific number of times per week, or make it your goal to run a mile in eight minutes by the end of February. Whatever it is, track your progress. Not only does this help you to picture how close you are to achieving your goals, but it keeps you committed and energized. Download an app, like Habit List, or get a FitBit, to help you stay on track.

Quick fitness tip: your goals must be achievable. If you try to hit the gym every day after not working out for the past two years, you might be setting yourself up for failure, and you’re going to be sore, real quick! Start with something that you can feel good about; hit the gym once or twice a week and increase from there.

Find a Workout Buddy
Working out with a friend is so much better than working out alone, right?! Having a good time is a bonus to the real benefit...a workout buddy keeps you accountable. You’re less likely to flake on a workout if you’re scheduled to meet a friend and the two of you can share progress and work towards your goals together. Plan workouts with a coworker from your salon or spa, and you won’t have an excuse for not getting to the gym after work!