In the waxing industry, you could say that the summer months are a bit crazy… clients are heading out on beach vacations and holiday trips, and that means there’s a lot of time spent in a bathing suit! Estheticians and waxing experts see everyone from returning customers to first-time waxers, which is why it’s so crucial to provide the best service possible. Here are three tips for providing the best wax for summer that keeps them coming back for more.

Hygiene is the priority
During summer, you’ll be performing more waxes on intimate areas of the body like the bikini area or armpits, which can easily become infected if hygiene isn’t priority. It’s simple, spa sanitation guidelines are no joke! There are several rules your coworkers or employees should follow: always use gloves when working on a client, clean the area before and after every service, and never double-dip in the wax. Disposable spatula sticks are the easiest way to keep your wax clean and get a close-in-reach! In addition to your own spa sanitation guidelines, your spa should educate clients on proper protocol following a waxing service.

Prioritize your first-timers
When it comes to providing the best wax for summer, there’s a special group that you need to focus on: first-timers. You’ll see an influx of new clientele who want to try out waxing for a summer vacation or a lake day. And let’s be honest… waxing isn’t necessarily enjoyable! For first-timers, the experience can be nerve-wracking. The best way to handle someone new to waxing is to educate them properly on the process (correct hair length, pre and post wax care) and make them feel comfortable. Remember that you may have seen it all, but this an entirely new experience for your client.

Remember, anyone can give a wax
While anyone can give a pristine waxing experience, what sets you apart is your own expertise and interactions… yes, your clients may return simply for your customer service or unique recommendations! So, customize each service, prepare the client, give a consultation, provide after wax care, and go above and beyond for each client. If you want to sharpen your skills for providing the best wax for summer, then check out Berodin education resources or network with professionals.