In the salon and spa industry, the majority of our customer base is women. And although men are seeing the benefits of skin care services more and more these days, there is still one demographic that we don’t see enough of: teenagers. In fact, the American Academy of Dermatology states that 40% of adolescents have acne scarring.

Suggest Routine Facials
The most direct way that we, as estheticians, can better treat teen acne is through suggesting routine facials. Not only do we get a primary analysis of the skin’s condition during a facial, but we can suggest skin care routines that are geared towards individual needs. On the other hand, facials allow us to make gentle extractions, which maintains their outbreaks and prevents teens from picking at their face!

Suggest a facial every two weeks for extreme acne skin, and once every 3-4 months to simply manage teen’s acne. Creating skin care habits and treating acne skin early is a crucial way to prevent acne scarring and set a solid foundation.

Don’t Dry Out Skin With Harsh Products
There’s no way around it: teenagers produce more oil. Traditional thinking is that the excess oil causes acne, and we must strip oil in order to treat acne skin. But, we have news! Drying out skin too much can cause the skin to go into overdrive and produce an excess amount of oil… unfortunately, most teens don’t know that. It’s our job to educate the teenagers we do see, and make sure that they moisturize properly.

Discuss The Effects Of A Healthy Diet On Skin
If there’s one thing we know is not on a teen’s mind, it’s eating healthy! However, we need to discuss how a healthy diet can affect the skin. One way to catch their interest is to describe the products used during a facial, and discuss how each of the botanical ingredients affects their skin. If they realize how superfoods benefit the skin, hopefully they’ll decide to begin eating them as well.