Unfortunately for us, waxing can have a negative connotation… maybe it’s known for being super painful or it makes hair thicker! While both of these myths aren’t true, there are several other waxing myths that can prevent people from trying it out. As you get new clients for waxing or other skin services, take the time to address these following myths and any other preconceptions they may have.

Myth #1: waxing causes the skin to sag
Does waxing make skin sag? Absolutely not! In fact, it’s just the opposite: skin is pulled tightly during any waxing session. Plus, wax products expose underlying, smooth skin afterwards. Some clients may mention they see wrinkles in commonly-waxed areas like the upper lip and eyebrow, but remind them that these are areas of thin and sensitive skin. The under eye area easily wrinkles and sags, but no one is blaming that on waxing!

Myth #2: hair grows back thicker after waxing, especially on the upper lip
Many people avoid waxing because they’re scared of experiencing thicker hair growth after waxing. In reality, hair grows back in softer, not thicker. The real culprit here is shaving! Shaving is the act that causes coarser hair… hair appears to be thicker because hair is trimmed from the point of skin rather than the root. With waxing, clients don’t have that blunt, prickly feeling.

Myth #3: waxing is always extremely painful
Probably the most common reason that some people avoid waxing is because it’s painful. While waxing isn’t necessarily pleasant, it’s not torture! This is one of the waxing myths you absolutely need to address with clients. Take the time to discuss how to make waxing less painful, show them products you use, as well as products like a soothing cream that you will use to offset any pain.

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