Thanks to its repeat business and affordable overhead, the waxing industry can reap great rewards. Even though profits can exceed expectations, you need to have clients to start out! Regardless of whether you want to know how to get more waxing clients or your business just opened, take a look at these three tips to find new waxing clients.

Further your education
We always like to lead with it, but education is truly your best asset in business. Advanced education puts you a step above your competition, since it markets you as an “expert” in the industry! Those in the hunt for waxing services, especially first-timers, will feel more comfortable with trusting someone more experienced. And don’t forget that some of the more common waxes like a Brazilian can actually be the most complex!

Think beyond women
Depending on your location, your waxing clientele can be more than 30% male… if you focus only on women, then you’re missing out on a significant portion of your clients! Find new waxing clients by expanding your services for men, and list these services online and in your service menus. If you want to know our approach to waxing men, take a look at this Cosmopolitan article featuring Berodin founder, Lori Nestore.

Offer small services in your menu
When it comes to waxing promotion ideas, think small! Services that take 10-20 minutes, such as eyebrow or lip waxes, are easy ways to drive in new business. These are great opportunities to turn walk-ins into repeat customers through first-class customer service and choosing the right wax. The services are speedy, but the profit is significant for how little wax is used… just remember that you’re playing to all kinds of customers. Offering a walk-in service is ideal for those customers who like to make last-minute decisions rather than making an appointment.