Ah, yoga. It’s one of the world’s greatest ways to increase mindfulness and bring a sense of peace and calm to your life. And somehow, it magically doubles as a fitness activity! If you have negative preconceptions about yoga, or you don’t know much about the discipline, the best advice we can give is to just try it out yourself. We’re here to help bring our your inner yogi! Get started by trying these beginner yoga poses.

Downward Facing Dog
So let’s just get this out of the way, yoga poses do have some funny names! However, many yoga poses sequence out of Downward Facing Dog, so it’s one of the most important beginner yoga poses to start with. Here is how to do Downward Facing Dog:

1. Start in plank position on your hands and feet with your hands underneath your shoulders.
2. Focus on your breathing. Inhale, then exhale as you push your hips up and back so that your shoulders are at full extension and your body is in upside down V position. You should feel a tight stretch in your calves and hamstrings!
3. Look at your belly button, and try to relax. Take five to ten deep breaths as you hold the pose.

Warrior Pose
We can move into Warrior pose from either Downward Facing Dog or a traditional tabletop plank. Sometimes it helps to watch examples as you are learning, so take a look at the Warrior pose Yoga Journal Tutorial. We’ll give you a little heads up...this pose takes a lot of focus, but that’s a good thing! In forcing you to focus, this pose decreases anxiety by keeping your mind off your stressors.

Office Yoga
Office yoga is primarily a group of neck and shoulder stretches to relieve your upper back and neck from working on clients. And if you work as hard as we think you do, you spend hours at a time working on clients before you take a solid break for yourself. An added bonus? You can even research and schedule any of Berodin's hands-on classes while working out the kinks in your neck.

Cat Cow
Back pain is a huge reason that many people get into yoga. There is a lot of stretching in yoga, but it’s the lengthening and strengthening that we really crave! Thankfully, one of the easiest beginner yoga poses to accomplish is the Cat Cow. We get it, this is another funky name! Yet, the Cat Cow is soothing for the back (Tip: make sure to keep your abs tight for an additional core workout!). From tabletop position on your palms and knees, all this pose takes is arching and extending. For a full tutorial, there are several guides on how to do Cat Cow.