For spa owners and managers, the question is always the following: how is the industry doing? Well, the International Spa Association (ISPA) has announced spa industry statistics based on research from 2016. Not surprisingly, spa industry growth is at record heights! Not only is it now a $16.8 billion-dollar industry, but it’s expected to continue growing.

Annual spa visits hit 184 million in 2016
In addition to growth, the spa industry trends also found that there were 184 million spa visits in 2016. And we can’t forget to mention that this number is a 5 million-visit improvement from 2015. With all of these statistics available, we know that the industry is growing in terms of size and monetary value… things are definitely looking up for the salon and spa industry.

With growth comes competition
We all know that with growth comes competition… as the industry booms with success, more and more salon and spas will open to get a piece of the pie. In 2017, there are more spa locations than ever before; 2017 has recorded 21,260 locations, which is about 240 more locations than previously recorded. So the real question you should be asking yourself and your employees is: how do we differentiate our spa from the competition?

Build on the momentum
When the industry had another successful year back in 2015, the ISPA found that spas intended to add new treatment offerings, employee training, product lines, and new jobs. There should be no difference here. In fact, use the revenue and new clientele to fuel new business: stay on top of research, new products and keep your employees highly trained.

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