Following the summer months, skin is tired and overworked after spending hours in the bright sun. To prevent premature aging, it’s imperative that you work to reverse sun damage before it’s too late. Here are three important tips to include in your future treatment plans.

Treat each client individually
To start the sun damaged skin repair process, make sure that you treat each client individually. After all, clients have different symptoms from enlarged pores to wrinkles and hyperpigmentation or discoloration. To sum it up, you can’t have a one size fits all approach to sun damaged skin. Work to truly tailor each treatment plan and home care recommendations to your client’s individual needs.

Combine individual treatments with appropriate home care recommendations
One of the most effective treatments to start with is a form of exfoliation… the Tu’el Enzyme Peel Exfoliating Mask gently, we repeat gently, exfoliates the top layer of skin to improve discoloration, texture and roughness. But this is just one step in the correction process. If you only see a client every four weeks, what are they doing in between those appointments to correct sun damage? That’s where the home care comes into play! Remind clients to still use SPF even in fall and recommend moisturizing products such as the Rescue Me Moisturizer to soften wrinkles and hydrate thirsty skin.

Recruit antioxidants
Sticking with our dedication to natural and botanical products, we suggest that you recruit a heavy dose of antioxidants in your treatment plan. Antioxidants are so powerful that they have been found to reverse DNA damage in skin cells. So in addition to utilizing them in your treatments, suggest that clients pay closer attention to their diets as well.

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