Feeling a little bored with your winter gym workout routine? As the days get warmer and sunnier, our desire to head outside definitely heats up, making this a great time to make a change. Not only will you have a great workout, but you won’t believe the other benefits...stress relief, time to yourself, and a fresh take on life (thanks to the fresh air). Here are a few of the best outdoor workout ideas you should try this summer. And once you try them, you won’t be able to stop...we guarantee it.

River Rowing

If you live in a location with a river, then this is a “must do” on your workout list. Get ready to burn roughly 600 calories an hour, and seriously, no sport is better for getting you toned and fit. Rowing is does amazing things to you arms and your heart; plus there is low risk of injury.


Running + Yoga = Zen. One hour of running followed by an hour of yoga; all in a beautiful outdoor location. This winning combination leads to a total body and mind transformation...and we promise you’ll feel more inspired, energetic, and of course fit.

Backyard Bootcamp

Build up your strength and tone up your muscles all while using simple backyard summer equipment. Think soccer balls, a garden hose and patio chair to make it fun! Bootcamp workouts combine circuit training with speed to burn calories. Try making it a game and push yourself to beat the clock each go-round.

Trail Running

This is workout efficiency at its finest! Looking to increase your calorie burn, but not your run time? Try trail running. Running on the uneven terrain means your body is more engaged and you are more focused, creating a more intense workout. And trail running uses both your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems which maximizes the benefits. Get inspired by some of the best running trails in the world.