Looking to take your career in the skin care business to the next level? Before you start, take the time to re-evaluate your vision, goals and brand. At this point in your career as an esthetician your goals have probably changed. It’s a great time to ask yourself what your motivators are now through your “finished career.” Are you driven by things such as money, independence, or industry recognition for example? Once you define your next level goals, you can put together your plan to get there. Here are three ideas you can use to help move your career forward.

1. Don’t be afraid to focus on retail sales

Retail sales are a great way to build your business as a skin care expert while making money either for the salon or yourself. Remember you have a captive audience in your clients...they wouldn’t be seeing you if they weren’t interested in taking care of their skin. They trust you, so help them gain the maximum results. In doing so, you build your relationship with them and gain potential referrals.

2. Use your free time wisely...promote yourself

It’s time to leverage that experience and promote your expertise by doing some consulting to expand or shift your client base. Ask people you know that use skin care products and/or makeup to come into the salon for a free evaluation and provide recommendations. If things go well, they may even schedule an appointment right then and there. You can also consider aligning yourself with other experienced and respected professionals such as hairdressers, realtors, or non-profits. Ask to display your materials at their booth, include gift certificates in new home gifts for realtors, or as donations in gift baskets for charities. Offer to provide fellow professionals with a free facial so they understand exactly what you do and can promote your services better. Then do the same for them, and/or provide a commission for new referrals.

3. Invest in yourself

Continuing your skin care education and staying on top of trends gives you a competitive edge, and helps build your reputation as an industry expert. Invest in customer service training, advanced acne courses, new exfoliation or waxing tips and training.