Your mind is currently overwhelmed with the holidays (and not to mention all that time you spend at the salon!), which leaves you with no time to brainstorm meaningful New Year’s resolutions. Luckily, you have our team from Berodin behind you. Our New Year’s resolution is to travel more, and specifically, to explore the island of Maui.

Beauty is Everywhere
You’re probably thinking that we want to explore Maui to get a tan, lay by the beach, and sip piña coladas. Don’t get us wrong, we love piña coladas, but beauty is everywhere on this island. In Maui, activities require us to get up close and personal with nature whether you want to explore the island while riding the Central Maui Zipline, travel through the Road to Hana, or enjoy a Haleakala sunrise as you bike the volcano. Not only will you get to see these stunning mainland attractions, but putting down the phone to explore the island is relaxing, and can actually improve your health and well-being. So the next time that someone asks why you’re traveling to Maui, just mention that it was prescribed!

Natural Food
One of the reasons that exploring Maui is our New Year’s resolution is because we want to experience the food! Hawaii, in general, is known for its traditional dishes like poi and poke. Everywhere you look, however, there are fresh island options that take advantage of the abundance of fruit and seafood like pressed juices, smoothies, kombucha, salmon, and plenty of vegetarian options.

Kapalua Bay Beach
While there is plenty to do on Maui’s mainland, don’t forget that it is, in fact, an island. Take time to explore what makes this part of the world so special! Visit the beautiful Kapalua Bay Beach, which draws visitors from all around the world. Recently voted the no. 3 best beach in America, Kapalua Bay Beach has such crystal clear waters that it’s ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

For an added plus, you’ll have the best wax on the island.