It’s New Year’s resolution time! We’re sure you’ve got a few of your own personally, but have you thought about setting some resolutions for your salon or spa? As business owners, it’s important to set time aside to re-evaluate where you’ve been and where you’re headed, so you can ensure your brand and your business is on track for you personally and professionally. Here are three tips that will help you get started on the right path in 2018.

1. Focus on finances

One of the best things you can do long term is get specific on your tactics for growing your business. Eliminate goals such as grow revenue, cut costs, and increase profits as these are too broad. Narrow it down and get specific...for example, if you want to increase sales, then say you will focus on growing transaction size by 5%. This is a much more tangible concept for you and your staff. Some other goals that are good to consider include: customer retention, referrals and employee these all impact your bottom line.

2. Reputation matters

Ask yourself and your team these important questions...answer honestly so you can set some measurable goals. How many repeat customers do you have? Is your brand top of mind? Do your customers come to you for multiple reasons and services? Then take those responses and work to build quality clients over quantity. The stronger your connection with your customers, the more likely they are to refer your salon to others, and be willing to try new services for themselves. Also, don’t ignore your online reputation. Having an effective online marketing plan will set you apart from the competition.

3. Your team is an extension of you

They are your front line brand ambassadors. Make sure your team is living your brand and values, and that they are well-rounded in terms of their offerings. For example, are their technical skills just as strong as their soft relationship skills? Remember, they are a valuable resource and can make or break your business so make sure to look for innovative ways to reward performance. One more tip...don’t rush the hiring process, and on the flip side don’t wait to fire.