When there’s a million things going on in your life, it can be to hard take some much warranted ‘me’ time every once in awhile. But even with a hectic lifestyle in the beauty industry, there’s still one thing that balanced people do every day: meditate. Meditation could take you a half hour, or even just 10 to 15 minutes; just allot whatever time you have available during your day. The secret to daily wellness is really that simple.

Make Meditation A Morning Habit
One of the easiest ways we’ve found to manage stress is to stick to a consistent morning routine. A positive morning relaxes your mind and prepares you for a fast-paced day in the salon! It can be a good way to find a moment of relaxation when you feel overwhelmed. If you want to try this morning routine out, but have no idea how to meditate, we have your back. Here is a guide to meditation for beginners. Yoga is closely related to meditation, so if you find that your mind constantly wanders when you meditate, then try a few yoga poses every morning to wake up your body and mind.

Meditation is Actually Good for You
You have probably heard that meditation is good for you, but there are negative connotations about meditation that keep people from practicing. We give you our word, meditation is not just for Buddhists. Simply put, think of it as mindfulness.

It’s scientifically proven that meditation is good for the mind and body: it reduces stress and anxiety, improves your focus, increases optimism, and improves your mood. There is actually a connection between the practice and reducing inflammation in the body. If your clients have sensitive or easily irritable skin, suggest that they consider mediation in addition to using gentler wax during appointments. You’d be shocked to see all the scientifically proven benefits from practice. Luckily, we found evidence of 76 proven benefits to show you!

Follow Up With Quality Foods
Once you make meditation an active part of your morning routine, follow it up with quality foods. Drink tea, probiotics, fresh juices, eggs, or other wellness foods. Try to make this morning routine as consistent as possible, and not only will you manage your stress better, but you’ll radiate beauty.