As estheticians, we always want to avoid after wax side effects… they’re not good for anyone! But more importantly for your business, clients need an awesome experience to keep coming back. Considering that pores are open wide and skin is exposed after a wax, some clients may suffer from a bit of irritation or bumps. Although reactions like these are common, there are simple steps you can take to guarantee smooth skin.

First step: prevention. Exquisite hygiene is the main tactic to prevent bumps after waxing… you can probably guess it, but sanitization is the key word here! If bacteria is present, then it can be pressed deeper into the skin and clog pores. In addition to sanitizing your work station (and never double-dipping waxing sticks!), products like Lavender Antiseptic Lotion alleviate the skin of any residing bacteria.

However, if clients still seem to breakout, it’s usually one of two reactions.

Pimple-like bumps
Bumps that look like pimples are more common after facial waxes. Since skin has just been exposed, the area feels amazingly soft, and it’s hard not to touch! Unfortunately, our fingers and hands are covered in bacteria. To prevent bumps after waxing, educate clients on how they contribute to the issue… they should never touch the area without first washing their hands, and share products like Blemish Control Gel that both treat and prevent breakouts. You can also provide resources for bumps on the skin after waxing to help clients understand.

Next up are the ingrown hairs! Rather than pimples, ingrown hairs are those that have curled around back into your skin causing a bump. In this case, it all comes down to the post wax care. To prevent bumps on the bikini line and other areas, your clients need to avoid tight clothing and exercise for at least a few days after a wax. And don’t forget to discuss exfoliation! It’s crucial to the healing process, and should be performed the day after.