We’re pretty sure you’ve heard it all as wax professionals...from the hilarious to the cringe worthy...your clients probably all have a wax story, and a few questions. Probably the biggest? Do you use hard or soft wax? Our stance has always been there is a time and a place for both. Read on for some helpful tips that will educate your clients on the best choice for their treatment.

Both have their benefits

Make sure your clients understand that the best professionals will know when to use each one. Hard wax for example is great for coarse hair & sensitive areas, while soft wax is ideal for finer hairs.

When to be soft

Soft wax is applied in a thin layer and removed with a cloth. This typically works better for larger areas of the body such as legs. It does need to be heated, but our Berodin soft wax only needs to be warmed to a low temperature so you can assure your clients there shouldn’t be any burning. Added bonus? It acts as a gentle exfoliator.

When it’s best to go hard

Hard waxes have their benefits as well...fast and efficient, yet surprisingly gentle, hard wax works by cooling and grabbing the hair without sticking to the skin. And it leaves no sticky residue. It’s ideal for the face, underarms, bikini, and Brazilian treatments. And it’s true, most do end up finding it less painful. Our Berodin wax is applied over oil so the skin is even less traumatized by the treatment.