For any waxing professional, summer is the busy time! As the weather gets hot and bikinis become a popular outfit of the day, your waxing services are in higher demand than any other time of the year. Before your busy time, take a well-deserved vacation to gear up for treating all those customers! Still not convinced now is the best time to vacation? Check out these warm vacation spots to visit in April.

If there’s one thing that comes to mind about Florida in the summer, it’s definitely the humidity. That’s why visiting the southeastern U.S. is one of the best vacations in April… it’s warm and not muggy! Also, Florida has something for everyone. If you’re a couple looking to get away, check out the relaxing Sanibel Island. And for families, take a trip to Orlando to spend time at Disney World and Universal Studios.

Ahhh, Thailand… we’re dreaming just saying the country’s name! The temperatures are just starting to get warm, which means that the price point should be perfect to travel here. Of all the warm vacation spots in April to consider, Thailand is probably the most affordable. Get this: hotels can be as cheap as $6 per night! And let’s be honest, Thailand is a great conversation starter with new wax clients.

National Parks
If you’re looking to stay in the continental U.S., there’s no better trip than to any of the National Parks. From the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to Yosemite, you’ll be paying a fraction of what those summer vacationers will fork over. Plus, you can avoid the heavy crowds by visiting Parks in the spring!

Cancun, Mexico
There’s one reason that Cancun made our list of best vacations in April: spring break just ended. That’s right, prices just exploded through the roof to accommodate the thousands of spring breakers that visit Cancun. The cost of hotels and flights should be trending down now, so it’s the right time to catch some sun and sandy beaches. Plus, Cancun is known to be humid in the late summer months. If you visit soon, temperatures should hover in the 80’s.