How many hours a day do you spend looking at a screen? This means more than just your mobile phone; include your laptop, television screen, or the time you spend playing video games. When you add it all up, you’d be surprised! Leading addiction specialist and researcher, Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, has found that our screen time has skyrocketed in the past decade. His studies uncovered a correlation between heavy screen time and depression, behavioral issues, increased aggression, and brain damage. Scary right?! But don’t panic, thankfully, we’ve come up with four ways to digitally detox. Get ready to relax and learn to disconnect.

For an Extreme Detox: Unplug
The most extreme form of detox is to completely unplug. We know you are shaking your head in disbelief, but we said it was extreme! Ideally, you would unplug from all screens, but in our line of business, that’s just impossible. There needs to be some way to remain in contact with clients, employees and managers/owners. So here’s a tip: have an email and phone that is just for client relations and other business contacts. After 4-6 weeks, slowly re-integrate all personal devices back into your routine.

Take a Vacation
This suggestion won’t take much convincing! Take a vacation to digitally detox, it will be easy to get away from the reliance on television, mobile phones and computers. In fact, some hotels are all about “unplugging,” such as the Travaasa Hana, on Maui, which has no radio, computers or television on their property. This award winning vacation spot is right up our alley...natural, beautiful and pure.

Tech-Free Dinners and Tech-Free Periods of the Day
Dedicate periods of the day, such as dinner or lunch, to tech-free periods. Instead of taking your lunch break and heading straight to your laptop or mobile phone, spend some time visiting with your coworkers and connecting with them on a personal level. This is a habit that you can easily continue to practice in your everyday life. Or bring a book from home! You know the old-fashioned kind where you can crack the spine and turn the pages by hand. All great ways to detox while connecting and enriching your life.

Delete Social Media Apps From Your PhoneYou promote a healthy lifestyle from skin care to fitness and dietary options, so go ahead and promote healthy relationships too! If you’re a social media addict, then you spend more time looking at pictures than interacting in person. Hit the personal refresh button by removing social media apps from your phone, and set a goal period to live without them.