It’s hard to believe, but animal testing is still a problem in 2019. Worldwide, more than 100 million animals are still being tested. At Tuel, we believe there is a better way, and all our products are never tested on animals. EVER. Our products are also 100% vegan, and free of any synthetic dyes or fragrances. Simply put, we believe healthy, beautiful skin should be achieved naturally. That is why we use high-performance botanicals and cold pressed extracts...we call it the science of natural skincare. Switching to cruelty-free products is one of the best ways to end animal testing. Read on for a few more reasons why we are passionate about going cruelty-free.

It’s worse than you think and unnecessary

Inhumane conditions, suffering, cruelty...testing is even happening on cats and dogs. When developing skincare products, companies can pull from a list of thousands of safe and approved products. There is really no need to test on animals.

It’s good for you and the environment

Often products that commit to a cause also are environmentally conscious. They tend to have a cleaner, minimalistic approach to everything they produce. From reducing their carbon footprint, to less packaging or recycled packing, those brands that choose to go cruelty-free are typically also focused on making a difference overall.

It also could mean going all-natural

Once you decide to go cruelty-free with your skincare, it also means many of those products are all-natural too. Say goodbye to mainstream toxic skincare products that are full of chemicals, and hello to a whole new range of products that could have amazing effects on your health and well-being.