Developing products takes vision, time, research, trial and error… and then more time.

When all of those things are done you then need money, more trial and error and more time. After years of patiently waiting for the right pieces to come together to bring you a heavy duty, reliable, double wax warmer, we can say that we have finally done it.

Introducing the Berodin Big Double Basin Heater

Clean, simple, sexy. Those are the words that come to mind when you see this wax heater. But don’t be fooled. This beauty is a beast. A strong, reliable heating element is at the core of this industrial strength warmer, delivering even heat for both the small basin and the larger pot. Built for waxing professionals with back to back clients, the 3.5lb capacity of the larger basin allows you to wax all day without stopping to refill. The large basin is perfect for Berodin Blue Hard Wax and Jet Set.

The smaller basin is perfectly fitted for a traditional 14oz tin and easily fits the Berodin Soft Wax tins. If you use only hard wax for your services this is an excellent double wax heater for you too. The Berodin Big Double Basin Heater comes with an empty tin ready for you to fill with wax pellets. We’ve included 50 Berodin Wax Collars in every box to help keep this beautifully finished heater clean.

  • Reliable enough for the Wax Queen.
  • Pretty enough to showcase on your cart.
  • Powerful enough for your busiest days.
  • Good enough to carry the name Berodin.