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Lori Nestore,
the wax queen of all wax queens

I stumbled into waxing 3 decades ago simply after reading an article about it, I was instantly inspired. My parents salon was on its way to becoming a full-fledged spa, but hadn't yet offered waxing, and I decided to take root, so to speak. I also began to teach the skill at trade shows and held monthly hands-on classes which continue to this day.

We've been mixing pain with pleasure (and have been getting paid for it!) ever since. We love it because it is such an affordable service that gives great joy to the client and allows professionals to earn a very good living.

From over 30 years of performing and teaching waxing services, we know the characteristics that make a great wax and what waxes work best for different body parts. Our expertise has guided the development of Berodin. We’ve always felt that a hard peel off wax is the most gentle and also, interestingly enough, the strongest. That’s why we use this style of wax on face, underarms, bikini and Brazilian bikini waxing. The soft wax style, which is removed with strips, is used for the larger body parts: arms, legs, back and chest. The Berodin Brand is formulated with beautiful ingredients and does not dry or get brittle. It is also low temperature and applied over oil, so the skin does not get traumatized by the wax itself – plus the technician can use the speed wax techniques calmly and efficiently.

You won’t find a better wax on the market today.

Lori Nestore, the wax queen of all wax queens